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Cotton Dog Snoods & Dog Snoods for Healing Purposes

Dog Snood in Heart Bandana

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If you would like to place an order with Linden Line Designs, please contact me and I will gladly open the international order option for you.

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Fabric Choices

All fabric is pre-washed!
Click on the thumbnails to view larger samples.

#01 Royal Blue Bandana #02 Pink Bandana #03 Ditzy #04 Leopard #05 Pansy Petals #06 Snow Leopard #07 Red Bandana #08 Perfect Paisley #09 Purple Bandana #23 Flower Bonnet #31 Aqua Zodiac #52 Flame #57 !Celebrate! #70 Ahoy Matey #74 Dashing #84 Chinese Lettering on Black #85 Blue Haze #103 Pink Harlequin #108 Sage Fairy Dust #109 Red Fairy Dust #111 Pawsome #113 Daphne #114 Golden Age #115 Regal #116 Victorian Rose #117 Rose Garden #133 Sunny Vines #134 Tooty Fruity #135 Sunset Stripes #136 Butterflies of Summer #140 Pirouette #141 Flowers of the Heart - Flannel #142 Retro Hibiscus #143 Floral Waves #144 A Bug's Life #146 Autumn Leaves #147 Pour Me A Cold One #148 Giddyup #149 National Anthem

Snood before and after

Product Description

You may be wondering: What in the world is a snood anyway?
Snoods are usually worn by long-earned dogs such as Cavaliers, Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, and many other breeds to keep their ears from getting harmed. Snoods can be worn during meals to prevent accidental chewing or dipping in food and water. They are also used for healing purposes to protect the affected area so that this area doesn't reopen so quickly after the initial healing.
Snoods can keep ears from being harmed during shaking, but will not protect ears during vigorous scratching. Snoods gently hold back the ears and allow ears time to heal without irritating the dog.

With the assistance of a Cavalier owner, my snoods were designed specifically to fit Cavaliers. Spaniel owners tell me that my size X-Large snood fits the springer spaniel, as well as the Irish water spaniel, very well.
I sew these snoods with flat fell seams for extra strength and durability. The elastic is enclosed in a casing so that the fabric is what touches your family pet's fur and not the elastic, which tends to pull. I also stitch the elastic in place to prevent rolling. My snoods are made from 100% cotton or cotton blends and available in many sizes.

Photos courtesy of Stanislaw the Cocker Spaniel

Dog Snood Size & Price Chart

Our Snoods Are Available in Seven Sizes:

* The X-Large (any type) is recommended for Rhodesian Ridgebacks to accommodate larger neck measurements, brow measurements, and ear lengths.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Snood

How to Measure Your Dog for a Snood

Before you purchase a snood, measure your dog to see what size snood will fit best. Measure your dog's:

1. Neck length, which corresponds to how tall the snood is

2. Neck circumference near the head

3. Neck circumference near the shoulders
Both neck circumference measurements correspond to the neck size of the snood.

If your dog is in-between sizes (i.e. an 11" neck size) it's usually best to get the larger size; in this case, you would order a Medium (fits a 10"-14" neck) instead of a Small (fits a 9"-11" neck) snood.

If you are uncertain which size to order, contact me and I can advise you.


From Andrea and Tucker of Seattle, WA

Snood for Healing Vasculitis

This is Tucker of Seattle, WA wearing a snood for healing purposes. He had bloody ear tips due to vasculitis and needed a snood quickly to help with the healing. When his owner notified me of this situation, I immediately made this snood and shipped it ASAP. So, if you have a dog with vasculitis or need a dog snood for healing purposes like Sydney of Brighton, MI, I would be more than happy to help with these concerns.

I would like to share with everyone the feedback I received on Tucker's snood:

"You are amazing! We received Tucker's snood today (boy you are fast!) and what a life saver. It is working perfectly to keep him from shaking those ears and of course he is quite handsome in it too. It's a beautifully made snood and it seems to be a perfect fit. Hopefully it will keep his ears put so they can heal up soon. Thank you so much for all of your help and speedy delivery. We really appreciate it!"

From George and Jack of Arroyo Grande, CA

"We received Jack's Snood last week. I found it to be a very well made product that more importantly fit perfectly. It is obvious he is now much more comfortable and happier with the Snood than he was with the homemade nylon hood we had been using to keep his ear 'less mobile' while it healed.
A little background - Jack is a young, active dog and everything he does is with great energy. He has long ears and has had a sore near the tip of one of this ears off and on since August. It has been really slow healing and a head shake (which causes his ears to almost pop like a whip) would set back many hours, if not days of healing. Jack's veterinarian suggested a cone or tape, but I really couldn't see him with a cone and I knew he would work on the tape. I made a bonnet with nylons that worked, but you could see he really didn't like it, and then I found the snood.
Thank you again for expediting the handling and shipping of Jack's snood."

From Kay, Bob, and Nicky of Northport, AL

Dog Snood to Prevent Biting of Ears

"We received the snood you made for our poodle Nicky. We all love it. We were using the alligator style hair clips and Nicky would back away and cringe when he saw the clip. When we went to take the clip off he would duck his head and try to get out of reach. They worked fairly well as long as he did not shake his head, which would cause the clip to fly away.
Now, all we have to say is "let's put your snood on" and he stands and eats his meal like nothing is on him. After he finishes his meal, we tell him "snood" and have him sit and then we catch the snood on both sides in front and he backs out of it.
All three of us love it and will never be without one or more.
Thank you again for your help in picking the right size."

From Jake and his family of Colorado Springs, CO

Dog Snood for Healing

"The Snoods fit perfectly. We have a Boxer that has very dry skin (especially on his ears); his ears frequently dry and crack and eventually bleed from the cracks. So, we have to keep ointment on his ears to keep them lubricated and we cover them to keep them warm (which increases blood circulation) and keeps him from shaking his head vigorously. We typically covered his head with cut up girls tights (the upper leg portion); however, the tights slide down and we were constantly adjusting them."
"The snood works perfectly. It is comfortable for him and it keeps his ears warm and protected. Thanks again!"

Order Online by Paypal

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Before making your selection, please view the Fabric Samples for this product.

Small Dog Snood. . .$14.00

fits a 9"-11" neck size and is 7" tall

Choose Fabric:

Medium Dog Snood. . .$16.00

fits a 10"-14" neck size and is 8" tall

Choose Fabric:

Large (Type 1) Dog Snood. . .$18.00

fits a 14"-18" neck size and is 8" tall

Choose Fabric:

Large (Type 2) Dog Snood. . .$20.00

fits a 14"-18" neck size and is 10" tall

Choose Fabric:

X-Large (Type 1) Dog Snood. . .$22.00

fits a 16"-20" neck size and is 9" tall

Choose Fabric:

X-Large (Type 2) Dog Snood. . .$24.00

fits a 16"-20" neck size and is 10" tall

Choose Fabric:

X-Large Tall Dog Snood. . .$28.00

fits a 16"-20" neck size and is 14" tall

Choose Fabric:

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